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Human Resources Consultancy and Solutions

End-to-End HR

HR for Your Business at PeopleSpan LLC

Human Resource Management is an ever changing field - with legal and compliance requirements governing all of its respective disciplines. At PeopleSpan, we are supported by a vast network of professionals and businesses that complement our services - ensuring that our clients have access to End-to-End HR. 

Through established and trusted relationships with experts and providers - PeopleSpan delivers Best in Class HR Solutions to its clients.

End-to-End HR.

End-to-End HR: 

- Legal (specialized Counsel)

- Section 125 Plans

- Group Benefit Plans

- Retirement Plans

- Specialized Recruitment

- Health and Wellness Programs

- Employee Assistance Programs

- Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

- HR Systems

- Payroll Providers

- Third Party Administrators (Cobra, UI, WC)

- Business Insurances (EPL)

PeopleSpan stays current with HR Best Practices - providing its clients with required knowledge and safeguards. PeopleSpan is routinely updated on legal and compliance and best practices topics through:

- Federal Employment Law Briefs

- Department of Labor (DOL)


- State Specific Employment and Workforce Updates

- Business and Labor Review Briefs

- Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

- Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA)

- Chamber(s) of Commerce

- Professional Development/Credentialing

HR Advice. HR Solution.